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Aliens…Do Exist ?!

Scientists can’t really say either Tardigrades or “Water Bears” are actually a type of aliens species, thats because they are the only “animals” that can survive in outer space. But, does that video prove that it is extraterrestrial?

LillyDoll27 Blog : Ladies, This Is For You!

A few months ago I did an interview with an amazing fashionista N’s Fashion by. Nouf Al Attar. If some of you ladies don’t know her, she’s a fashion and makeup reviewer..and now she HAS A BLOG !!! If you ladies are fashion addicts, food lovers, and latest gossipers..well look no further LillyDoll27 Blog by Nouf Al Attar is now live!

You can contact her personally:

Twitter: @NoufAttar27

Instagram: @NoufAttar27

Kuwait’s Internet Caps

If there is one thing that I don’t get about Kuwait’s internet providers (some) put a caps in your subscription. If some of you didn’t know internet caps are like locks in your internet that while you download a specific size of file lets say 30GB size file and the cap lock is set to 30GB the internet will slowdown dramatically.

I got a internet that has a 30GB cap lock size at a speed of 21.7MBps from one of the internet providers here in Kuwait, just the other night I was watching a video onto you while in the middle of the video it just stopped, I didn’t feel like waiting for the video to load so I just went to Google, which took by the least and people I am not over exaggerating it took 3 minutes to load the page NO JOKE !

I contact Customer Service of the internet provider they told me that there is a cap and its over, and it will be at a speed of 276KBps or something, I was like WAIT WHAT ??!! 276KBps what am I supposed to do in that kind of speed…I’m paying a monthly instalment just to get my internet slowed down for downloading and watching YouTube video’s that 276KBps wont even download a song atleast 15 min!

PLUS: They will charge extra just to get the speed backup for extra caps!!..30GB cap will finish atleast in a week or 2.

I also just found out that Mada, Fastelco, WIMD, VIVA and some others do not have caps on their internet services, so I guess I’m going to switch because seriously this is nonsense.

Waleed Bin Talal Survives Major Car Accident

The Saudi Prince Waleed Bin Talal survived a horrific car accident friday evening on a Highway in Jeddah, where his car was tossed and flipped over three times until coming to a full stop. The car has been destroyed completely, and he awaked way in full-health unharmed [Source]


Olympics Table Tennis Results – Kuwait Beats Congo

Amazing news that Ibrahim Al-Hasan has beaten Saheed Idowu (Congo) results are pretty amazing at the last 3 rounds!! [Reuters]

Usain Bolt wants to play for Manchester United (Soccer) ?

Fastest man in the world Usain Blot, wants to play for Manchester United soccer! Does he have what it takes? A dual-sport athlete is kinda cool, but if he does get in I doubt any one will able to catch him to that goal. ESPN also said

We’ve seen him “try out” for the New York Giants, he shows quite the aptitude for playing another kind of football.

Oh boy, I wonder how the audience will react if he does get into soccer..and from what I have heard he might replace Ryan Giggs.

London Olympics 2012 Schedule

If you can’t see the schedule clearly (Click Here)


Kuwait New Airport Preview

A short preview video of Kuwait’s new International Airport.

From PASKuwait1

Vimto: The Story

Over at Khaleejesque, I read a post about facts of Vimto that I haven’t even heard before. I never knew there was an actual story behind it. Nice facts and great story, check it out.

Ramadan Kareem: Embark 3laikom ElShahar

Embark 3laikom ElShahar w 3sakom Men 3wadaa!