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Kuwaiti Blogger Sentenced In Prison For 10 Years !

A 26 year old, Kuwaiti blogger has been sentenced in prison for 10 years for religious insults. The blogger has been tweeting countinously making ridiculous remarks and religious insults. Although, the blogger demanded that he did not post these tweets and his twitter account had been hacked, but the judge had found him guilty. Please look into the source from Huffington Post for more further information.


Message To All Bloggers: Blogging community is safe, non-racial, non-insultable, enjoyable environment. Therefore please, revise your writings and take care of your own blogs.

Shisha Banned in Kuwait… !


Well…its a good thing in my opinion. 😀 For many reasons, first off..other then thats its worse then a cigerrate by 15 times!! A varouis of under aged (12-18) people, have been smoking shishas “hookah“, in past few years. But, the “new upcoming law” says that its ONLY going to be banned in public places…what? Then why ban it in the first place? It doesnt really make that much of a difference, either it was public or private, but I do believe it should be banned. might as well also make cigarettes banned in public too 😀 Ever heard of Kyoto Protocol?..that the UN is trying to decrease the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the air well then…THINK ABOUT BANNING ALL THESE TYPES OF TABACOS THEN 🙂

Facebook Lawsuit Against Mark Zuckerburg ?

Your probably thinking “WTF?”.. but don’t worry its not thee Mark Zuckerburg (The Founder of Facebook), there is this guy who changed his name from Rotem Guez to “Mark Zuckerburg”, claiming he’s the real.. “Mark Zuckerburg”. You could also check out his site MarkZuckerBurgOfficial, The “new guy’ wrote an email, to the Huffington Post saying “Nope, its not a joke, I am the real Mark Zuckerburg”…well, I have nothing to say about this but “WTF?

Lets see what “Zuckerburg” (then again not the real one) has to say about this ?

Facebook decided to sue me after I myself, filed a law suit against them, in Israel. i wanted that once they sue me, they’ll face suing “Mark Zuckerberg”. Facebook accused me of selling ficticious “Likes”, which is not true, our “Likes” come from real users who want to receive our content, and instead of paying us with money, they pay us with “Likes”. The idea was, if only “Mark Zuckerberg” is allowed to sell likes, then for that matter, I’m “Mark Zuckerberg”.

This is the video, where he was changing his name..

Mother Arrested For Tattooing Her Child


WTF is this !! Is she like a crazy !! Okk, this story is so not funny ! Just recently, today in New York a women got arrested for, tattooing her own 9 month old child…for I dont know..THE LIKE OF IT ?? … Damn, I just hope she gets the full of this arrest ! Well, apperantly, the mother works as a strip dancer (What ?…did I say something wrong…it is true) and was heavy drinking and got her boyfriend (the tottoo artist), to to all of this !!

Ferrari Graveyard in Japan


HOOOOOOLY SHOT ! What is happening to all those hawt cars in the world these days…the Bentley in KSA in our previous postAND NOW THIS !! What is it like some sort of an epiphany happening or is illegal street racing being  in fashion LOL! 😀  But, this is honestly a sad moment to those Ferrari’s..May they RIP in the Junk Yard!

Scrum in Walmart on Black Friday

That’s alot of traffic in ONE STORE!!

Banned in Kuwait: Twilight Breaking Dawn !


WHAT ?! … Why is it banned ? Just as people we’re waiting for the first part of the last Twilight movie !! OH COME ON !!

The movie was officially released, on the 18th WORLDWIDE but WILL NOT BE SHOWING in Kuwait !

Protesters: Kuwait Parliment

Kuwait Parliment was under a protest a couple of days ago. Its not something what we usually see here in Kuwait.


I dont want to speak political-wise, but this is a really massive story to hear about in Kuwait. Guys, Kuwait we are known for our motto “Peace & Friendship”, and this is what we get ?


This is a truly sad thing to hear, and event like this occuring in Kuwait. Please, guys take care of your own country, and support and serve it to your max !! Not treating it like this 😦


Marina Wave Fight – Caused Two Lives !

Before a day ago, a fight accourd in Marina Wave by, approximerly over 15 teenagers. The fight was massive, and killed two young teenagers. This is extremly indispute !! Kuwait security need some major upgrade, instead of sitting around drink a cup of tea, as if they are on a some summer  vacation !! Where is the “secure” part in that !!

Here are the links of pictures of the two teenagers that had been killed in the fight:
Please note these pictures, contain violent, gore and might contain offensive images:

[Link 1]
[Link 2]

360 Mall Kuwait — Vandilsim


First things first…OMG !! 360 Mall  was vandilised by a anonymous man throwing his sheo on to the chandeleir at the centre of the mall. The sheo was a white crocs thrown at a costless chandeleir, according to it costs at a fortune 250,000 KD, to be honest this action should not be tolerated, and who’s incharge for this action should be fined a great deal amount of money for public vandilsim.