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BananaQ8 Review’s i’m WATCH

Thats looks so cool and I really liked it !! 😀 Read about it at BananaQ8’s [Link]

Worst Game In History

This is funny!!!

Metacritic Rating: 8/100

Game Review: Prototype 2

If you have ever played the previous game of Prototype for sure, you will love this one. In Prototype 2 there are many new features including higher graphics and better gaming. [SPOILER ALERT] You’ll be playing a character that goes by the name Sgt. James Heller who wants to take revenge for the death of his wife and child who died in the outbreak called the Mercer virus. In the previous game. In the previous game the character is Alex Mercer, who will be your main rival in Prototype 2.

The first one, I did enjoy alot. If you did then this game is right for you.

NOTE: I have the PC version. I’m sure that console games are alike!

Customizable Tech Products: Colorware

Colorware is a website that allows you to purchase your tech products in your own customizable way! You can choose from MacBooks, Beats Headphones, iPhones an so much more than that. I just hope they got AlienWare, which I’m planning on getting soon!

Macbook Pro/Air Prices: Kuwait, UAE & US

Yea…thats a thing many are complaining about to be honest.

Via BuzFairy 

Bentley EXP 9 F

I’ve always been a fan of the Bentley cars.


This is still a concept developed by Bentley engineering which is such a beauty of car!

Update On Kuwait’s Railroad Engineering

This video was post about 9 months ago by Designa Comuicación on Vimeo.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing is a documentary that speaks of how Apple Inc. started, how it almost ended in 1990’s and how he inspired billion of people around the world with many of the Apple’s inventions and how people reacted to his passing. I just saw this documentary, and its pretty sad to be honest, the people that are featured in the documentary are mostly the people he worked with like Steve Wozniak, Waltz Mossberg, Ronald Wayne and many others. There are a lot of documantries about Steve Jobs and also a movie that was release in 1999 Pirates of Silicon Valley, but this one in particular talks of some of the lost facts and what changed in the world, because of Apple.

Watch it here…

WWDC12 (Review)

NO NO !! WWDC12 wasn’t what I excepted 😦 They introduced some cool new features and products..but some were big disappointment. First the new Macbook Pro amazing design and this time with Retina Display, but the specs changes massively…this time no HDD (Hard-drive), we’re using to flash drive..WTF? and the same other specs as the previous Macbook Pro, oh and they removed the 17′ inch off the list..and the new Macbook Pro, will be shipped in OSX Lion and again WTF?

And they introduced the iOS6 and OXS Mountain Lion. OSX ML will be released in July for $20 which is $10 cheaper than OSX Lion which was $30!

And next they updated many features on Siri in the next update of iOS6. so this time Siri is able to launch apps, tweet tweets and also statues update your Facebook etc. Thats pretty much it in my point of view…

Tidy Tilt iPhone 4/4S Covers

I just got an email about the Tidy Tilt cover being sold in quite, and thought it was pretty cool! They are being sold for 20KD and it comes with Blue/Green/Black/Pink!

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Photos From Their Instagram..Pretty Cool Covers Guys 🙂

Order Now or Contact:

Phone /Whatsapp: 94019832
Twitter /Istagramn: @TidyTiltKuwait