BananaQ8 Review’s i’m WATCH

Thats looks so cool and I really liked it !! 😀 Read about it at BananaQ8’s [Link]


Best of Kuwait – 2012

Just a little something I made thought it would be cool. #Represent.


Michael Phelps in a Louis Vuitton Campaign

At least his retirement still has a bright future. In my decision, he doesn’t have that model look..but I guess he’s an athlete and that will do :p

MILSIM Kuwait: Tactical Military Simulation

MilSim is a military simulation in Kuwait. It is based on BIBI guns, except they are real stylistic guns (M4, AK-47 etc.). I saw a review of one of their guns and by the looks of it, its pretty interesting speaking of a fan of shooting games..yes yes Call of Duty 😀

They are located in:

Shaab Park, Baghdad street entrance
Salmiya, Kuwait
United Sports Company


Telephone: [965] 65680661

Twitter: MilsimKuwait

Worst Game In History

This is funny!!!

Metacritic Rating: 8/100

Man Marries A Mannequin

Well…..I have no comments on this 😀

Live Life To The Illest


I though it was kinda funny and inspirational at the same time. Thats my photo of the day!
Dedicated to my buddy 7abitianBlog 😀

Waleed Bin Talal Survives Major Car Accident

The Saudi Prince Waleed Bin Talal survived a horrific car accident friday evening on a Highway in Jeddah, where his car was tossed and flipped over three times until coming to a full stop. The car has been destroyed completely, and he awaked way in full-health unharmed [Source]


Game Review: Prototype 2

If you have ever played the previous game of Prototype for sure, you will love this one. In Prototype 2 there are many new features including higher graphics and better gaming. [SPOILER ALERT] You’ll be playing a character that goes by the name Sgt. James Heller who wants to take revenge for the death of his wife and child who died in the outbreak called the Mercer virus. In the previous game. In the previous game the character is Alex Mercer, who will be your main rival in Prototype 2.

The first one, I did enjoy alot. If you did then this game is right for you.

NOTE: I have the PC version. I’m sure that console games are alike!

Curiosity Rover Landed On Mars

Curiosity rover just landed on Mars on August 5th! You could also check out the photos that the rover took in color its pretty cool (Click Here)