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Interview: Jacqui — CouchAvenue (Blog)


One of the most amazing/inspirational bloggers out there !

Jacqui, one of my personal favorite blogs..I finally had the chance to interview her..and got to know a little more about her and her outstanding blog. Its was quite a long but amazing interview..

What Inspired you the most about blogging?

I started blogging May 17th 2004 after I received an invite from a friend of mine back then to check out “Blogspot/Blogger” at the time blogging was such a new thing that not many from Kuwait were on it.  I didn’t get any comments, I don’t think I had many readers but I slowly told my friends in University about it and got some of them to start blogging.  Eventually I found other blogs in Kuwait such as, Nibaq’s blog, 248AM (back then tho it was different), Rampurple, Purgatory, and so many more.  We were a small community, Nibaq created an aggregator much like Botamba nowadays called “Safat Kuwait Blogs” it was a way to discover new blogs and old ones.  I got on board a couple years later and worked there adding new blogs so I pretty much saw the blogging world in Kuwait being born.  I’m mostly inspired by the fact that as an individual you can share your thoughts, emotions, feelings, knowledge with the whole world with just a click of a button.

Why & When did you start Couch Avenue?

So as you know I started blogging in 2004 with a Blogger/Blogspot domain, however in 2005 I received a domain as a gift from a friend and chose to go with “,” later on in 2006 I moved on to ““, because I wanted to have a more ‘adult’ blog name and not live forever with the childish one. I mean I had an obsession with rubber duckies back then but 2006 I graduated from University and pretty much wanted to start a new phase in life.  I started blogging as a way to document my personal life, at one point I used to write daily that if I wanted to know where I was on a certain date or what I did, all I had to do was search my archives and find it.  It was always a “me” place one where I can share what I like, what I hate, what I thought with the world.  I never got behind the “business-y” aspect that blogs nowadays take and therefore I might not have many readers now as the brand new blogs specializing in writing about the latest products and all.  Eventually however I started to move away slightly from my daily life to writing about my favorite gadgets (not advertising them really) just sharing my passion with the world.  Nowadays you will think Jacqui from Couch Avenue = Apple Addict.

Why “Couch Avenue” and what started that name?

I chose the name “Couch Avenue” because it was a recommendation from a couple of my closest friends (Marzouq from, and Ananyah from we were brainstorming and eventually we agreed upon the name because well I am sort of a couch potato.  I love to watch TV Shows and I’m lazy to the bone therefore what better way than to create a whole avenue dedicated to laziness.

If there is anything you would change (add or remove) in the blogging world what would it be?

I would really remove the impersonal blogs, the ones focusing on drumming up business by just copy-pasting press-releases and sugar-coating everything.  I would like to remove the people who impersonate bloggers/blogs and just copy/paste a post without giving the author any recognition.  I would like to bring back the personal aspect of blogging (I want to know about what other people are feeling/experiencing!) I don’t really need to read a thousand posts about “Google updated its doodle to celebrate so-so day.”  Nowadays when I read through the blogs in my Google Reader all I see is a million posts giving me the same bit of information.  If you were going to do that then give it your own personal spin on it, be creative.

What do you love mostly about blogs and blogging?

I love reading the experiences people go through, I love the sharing aspect. I also love meeting new people from the blogging world because you know that Kuwait is so small and with companies giving some blogs recognition we are starting to meet each other more often and establishing a more face-to-face relationship. The more personal/individual/creative/awesome a blog is then the more amazing it is in my books!

Tell us more about yourself:

Well as most of you know I’m a 20-something (okay okay you dragged it out of me I’m 28!) Gadget freak. I love everything and anything that is technology and gadgets, specifically Apple! I recently converted to the Light side in 2005 and well ever since it’s been an amazing ride I’ve become though more and more obsessed and that kind of shows. I love TV Shows, some might say I’m an addict because I follow more than 70+ TV Shows (some get canceled and new ones come on the horizon). I love reading, but haven’t been doing much of it lately. I guess it goes without saying that watching movies is also awesome. Because I was raised in a house where my father was a fine arts major and my mother a computer major I got the best of both worlds. I am the geek in my house, the eldest of my sisters and the IT Technician of everyone else (if there is a computer/iDevice problem I’m the one they call). The social media world is a new passion that I have stumbled upon especially Twitter and Instagram which couldl be a reason why I am a lazy blogger and have taken more breaks than ever. Not to mention, my new part-time at a newspaper is something I’m falling in love with, because you see I prepare the Technology page for the Al Watan Daily Newspaper (English) and I’ve even started a new column “App of the Week” which is awesome you guys should check it.

Last Comments:

Word of advice to new bloggers: Do not start a blog in hopes to get free stuff (not everyone gets them), don’t piss off older blogs by trying to advertise yourself on their website because well they don’t have to always write about new people introduce yourself nicely to them and they might surprise you and do what you ask, please respect others and treat them the way you want to be treated, and most importantly be polite and nice, something I haven’t been seeing lately is ‘if I go and comment on your blog and spend the time to either share your opinion or grant you with mine; you as a blogger don’t even bother to do so’ in my books if someone new follows me on Twitter I follow them back granted they are not psychos or bots. So why not read the other persons blog and comment establish a relationship with them because being nice to people will make the world a better place.

Otherwise, stay true to yourself and don’t get caught up and start hurting others.

Jacqui [My TV Blog which I haven’t been updating a lot mostly] [A Kuwaiti Stories Aggregator which let’s people find those who write stories in Kuwaitn more quickly]


Interview: 7ajiDude (Blog)

Yup…the coolest bloggers !

The moment…no no..the COOLEST moment is right here…the interview we’ve been waiting for…7ajiDude…man what an amazing interview!!

7ajidude, why that name?

We are 3 people in the blog with 3 completely different personalities and conflicts of interests
7aji – Is the typical kuwaiti guy that is in love with simulators
Dude – Americanized yet kuwaiti who loved to off road and take care of his family and kids
Dudette- The Kuwaiti chick that is not proud to be a chicken nugget but she truly is , Fashion Designer that lived her good times outside kuwait but loves Kuwait more than anything else , Her life is Music and her passion is writing and fashion.

What/when started 7ajidude blog?

We went to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert and sneaked in some professional camera’s because we felt we had to share this to the public and that was our first post , after that we had the passion and love to share our thoughts , opinions , our likes and dislikes to the public but in a different and unique aspect.

What do represent mostly in your amazing blog?

Different opinions when it comes to interests and taste buds , Honesty , positivity , FUN AND COOLNESS 😛

If there was one thing you would change (add or remove) in the blogging world..what would it be?

I don’t think we should ADD anything because we all became friends and are helping and supporting each other , I love our Fellow Bloggers 🙂
Remove NEGATIVE ENERGY AND WANNABE’s, if you don’t have passion in blogging simply don’t have one and follow the trend.

What are the aims or goals you guys hope to achieve in your blog?

To make People and the older generation who does not know what a blog is to wake up in the morning excited , looking forward and thinking what our post of the day is !

7aji, Dude & Dudette, you guys are known for these unique names, tell us a short brief about the three of you.

7aji and Dudette is a married couple , Dudette is a fashion Designer, that lives on Music and hates technology , 7aji is a network specialist, gadgets Apple lover and is in love with technology, we proved that apposites do attract and work 😛
Dude is a off roader and Engineer , that is into games

Last Comments:

Hope You Enjoy the Blog and Happy Reading .. if Your Not a Reader , Were like a soft copy book with lots and lots of PICTURES 😛

Keep your cooolness even cooler 7aji’s , dudes and dudettes ! 😛

Interview (Q8Rain) Blog


Long time since we actually did an interview with a blogger !! I had this moment and asked a dearly blogger and one of my fav top 5 best blogs for an interview…Ladies & Gents Q8Rain !

When was Q8 Rain founded ?

My blog was founded in 6th of December 2010 but i really start blogging in Last March

Who/What supported your blog ?

Some how I founded the support from my fellow bloggers because most of my friends and family members not interested in blogging and online world

What does Q8 Rain represent ?
And also why was it called “Q8 Rain″?

Raining represented Rainy herself in some officially way *secret* , some people thought i called it Rain because I’m a lover to the Rain while I’m not at all

What made you start blogging ?

Well, so many reasons made me starting blogging but the main one that have a unique view to the life and fashion so i wanted to share it with others

Tell us more about Q8Rain

My blog is my fun book of how to live in Kuwait and enjoy it .. Q8 Rain about my interests in life and Everything draws my interest and the main about my interests in life and Everything draws my interest and the main reason for why do i love my blog because i consider is my fun gate away reason for why do i love my blog because i consider is my fun gate away from the frustrations of work and and pressures of life

What inspired you the most into starting a blog ?

Well, before couples of years i used to work as journalist but after change my career i missed writing and talking about my interest in some places and things so i start my blog to be my voice out there.

Any Last Comments:

I’m calling all the readers and who may interest not to forget our campaign GIVE , where we do a fun party every month to the Kids with Cancer Diseases and all what we want is that they Donate gifts to those kids to make them happy even it was the last day of their life At the End thank you for having me in your amazing blog

Interview (Lab8 by. Noor Khuraibut)


So, we contacted Noor, to ask if it was possible to conduct an interview with her and talk about her designs of her wonderful work. Please enjoy the interview…

*What does the name “Lab 8” simbolizes ?

Concept of LAB symbolizes the kitchen, behind the scenes & 8 symbolizes the figure of the woman.

*Tell us about your design.

I like to consider my designs as avat-garde .. Renovate and modern

*Tell us about your fashion and style.

I like to consider my style as contemporary. I’ve studied history of fashion yet incorporate it in an innovative way. Like incorporating many cultures and techniques i’ve learned through out the years. Style is something that last long and last for ever, it has my personal touch yet fashion and what  the fashion industry represent. For example this season has defined colored and patterns I follow these patterns yet incorporate LAB 8 in them. Fashion has defined lines which all designers follow. Yet what makes a designer is his personal touch.

*What is the aim of Lab 8 ?

We aim for international exposure. As a company we are never settled for the local media. We are always ahead in distinguishing our brand in an international level.

*Why was the name of the brand called “Lab 8” ?

We believe that fashion is created and elaborated. Thats why we came with the name “LAB” which represents all innovative/madness  sence we have towords the way we see fashion. LAB is the kitchen where all ideas collide making a new sence of identity.

*What/Who supported the brand ?

I’ve started since 2004 when nobody believed in local designs, but we’ve pushed the envelope a bit further. Making a cosmopolitan taste for Kuwaities. I thank my family for the support. They believed in my dream and supported it 100%.

*When was “Lab 8” established ?


*Last Comments:

I’m glad for this interview. Which make us grow and makes us stronger.

Our Comments:

We would like to thank Noor Khuraibut to take her time to let us conduct this interview with her and Lab8.