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LOVE: Porche Panamera Turbo S

Love It…Love Her…Love All of It


I love that car, since the beginning I just had to review about it. Don’t tell me that this car isn’t that beaut ! That car shows the meaning of what a Porche is all about, with that elegance look and that roar of the Turbo S engine, is like harmonic music to your ears…yes I admit I’m in love with it.



That amazing look of an interior and under the hood specs the absolute, you got your 550 Horsepower @ 6,000 RMP 1/min with a massive top speed of  306 KM/H (DAUM) ! And above that all you got that All Wheel Drive, which makes it even remarkable to drive ! Panamera Turbo S not just a car but….your next dream !


Interview: 7ajiDude (Blog)

Yup…the coolest bloggers !

The moment…no no..the COOLEST moment is right here…the interview we’ve been waiting for…7ajiDude…man what an amazing interview!!

7ajidude, why that name?

We are 3 people in the blog with 3 completely different personalities and conflicts of interests
7aji – Is the typical kuwaiti guy that is in love with simulators
Dude – Americanized yet kuwaiti who loved to off road and take care of his family and kids
Dudette- The Kuwaiti chick that is not proud to be a chicken nugget but she truly is , Fashion Designer that lived her good times outside kuwait but loves Kuwait more than anything else , Her life is Music and her passion is writing and fashion.

What/when started 7ajidude blog?

We went to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert and sneaked in some professional camera’s because we felt we had to share this to the public and that was our first post , after that we had the passion and love to share our thoughts , opinions , our likes and dislikes to the public but in a different and unique aspect.

What do represent mostly in your amazing blog?

Different opinions when it comes to interests and taste buds , Honesty , positivity , FUN AND COOLNESS 😛

If there was one thing you would change (add or remove) in the blogging world..what would it be?

I don’t think we should ADD anything because we all became friends and are helping and supporting each other , I love our Fellow Bloggers 🙂
Remove NEGATIVE ENERGY AND WANNABE’s, if you don’t have passion in blogging simply don’t have one and follow the trend.

What are the aims or goals you guys hope to achieve in your blog?

To make People and the older generation who does not know what a blog is to wake up in the morning excited , looking forward and thinking what our post of the day is !

7aji, Dude & Dudette, you guys are known for these unique names, tell us a short brief about the three of you.

7aji and Dudette is a married couple , Dudette is a fashion Designer, that lives on Music and hates technology , 7aji is a network specialist, gadgets Apple lover and is in love with technology, we proved that apposites do attract and work 😛
Dude is a off roader and Engineer , that is into games

Last Comments:

Hope You Enjoy the Blog and Happy Reading .. if Your Not a Reader , Were like a soft copy book with lots and lots of PICTURES 😛

Keep your cooolness even cooler 7aji’s , dudes and dudettes ! 😛

Adele Makes Music History


The 23 year old sensational pop-star “Adele” became the first women to ever reach #1 in a Top Artist in the Billboard Charts !
Now, Adele my personal favorite female singer…truely deserves this award, her songs “Rolling In Deep” & “Someone Like You” are just A-AMAZING !!

ChromeBook: G’Bye Mac !


These days keeps getting better and better ! First the Eee Pad, now THIS ! Love the hawt Samsung look…Well, you might love Apple, I ain’t dissing, but apshh Apple got owned by this and the android *Yes..yes, I still love Steve and Apple products (show offs *jk love ya guys…I mean jeez cant a guy joke for once*;p)…. !