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Movie: X-Large (Review)


So, late yesterday I went to 360° Mall Cinescape with a couple of friends, and boy, was it crowded every movie was almost full ! 😀 So, we had the chance and managed to get into the 8:00 showtime of the X-Large starring Ahmad Helmy.


The movie was freakin hilarouis but was quite long, it was 2 hours and 10 minutes long, but sooo worth it ! Ahmad Helmy plays a chubby guy that meets his long time friend from his childhood and starts to have a crush on her…I DONT WANNA CALL FOR SPOILER ALERT ! 😀


Really recommend you guys…check out the movie, it pretty awosome ! My ratings to it is 4.6/5 !


(Headphones) SMS by. 50 Cent


You obvouisly heard about, the Beats by. Dr. Dre. Thats more like it but 50 Cent’s style…and words has been going that its in pre-order now. SMS which stands for Slick…LOL um, dont really know what’s the other letters are. The thing that really got me interasted about these headphones we’re the wireless, and the mettalic look… 🙂

Playstation Vita: Released In Japan


Finally…but not quite 😦 !! The new PS Vita has been releases in Japan, but will not be sold world-wide not till Feburary..well at least it soon 🙂 The all new PS has all the new feature including, dual analog stick, rear touch pad, HD touch panel and also the most beaut OLED screen. And in this generation you’ve got your 3G connectivety ! It sound amazing, and look also much more hotter then the prevouis one 😉

New Music: Busta Ryhmes ft. Chris Brown – Why Stop Now


Not bad music…it has strong “hardcore” rap, well thats typical Busta Ryhmes. The one thing that annoyed me from this song is that it stays on that same beat (tempo), I’d give it a 7/10…but leave you guys to decide the ratings 🙂  The chorus might be the part in the song, but the bridge of the music is way to fast :/ listen to it and rate it in the comments 🙂

Blackberry 9900: White (NOW AVAILABLE)


The smexy, white Blackberry Bold 9900, has an outstanding look ! The Blackberry 9900 is the thinnest 10.5mm, and the most hawtest of all of the Blackberries released…I personally recommend this HAWT device, not only from it look, but also its super-performance and “slicky” white color.

Just look at it…WHAT A BEAUT with the “just amazing” style and looks.

Don’t Get HTML5 ?

HTML5 is actually a pretty awesome programming-script ! In the new version of HTML there are new elements to full-fill your site to MAX. There are new elements available, new attributes, full CSS3 web designing, video and audio support, 2D & 3D graphics including elements for animation, and web application support (THIS IS PRETTY COOL). 

Learn HTML5 from head to toe at W3Schools.



Kuwait Authorities: New Winter Uniform

Kuwait Police Authorities, had just announced their new winter uniform. We would like to congratulate them, with honor !

New: Newer Android Market !

I’m an Android freak !! When I first heard about this was..this is like my iPhone 4S ! Android phones, are really complex and has an amazing outlook, especially the Sony Ericcson Xperia X10, that phone is just of thee chart !! Take a look a video..

New: Kuwait International Airport

Foster + Partners with the Ministry of Public Relations, are working on the upcoming new Kuwait International Airport. We aren’t exactly sure when is will be opened, but these are the pictures of the new idea…


These are the indoors of the airport…



Toms: New Styles For Fall (November)

New, designs are available in Toms, the most habaa shoes in Kuwait recently for teenagers and you adults. I checked the Toms I saw the new shoes for winter in a new “Limited Edition, Movember Styles” they are HAWT !

And you also got the “Plaid Classics” that look like at those 70’s designs which are also HAWT and available also for kids !!

And for those who still lovin the “Classics” they are also available, so no need to worry…I do personally love the classic !!