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Kate Middleton: Pregnant !

We just recently found out the Kate Middleton is pregnant !! Congrats to Kate Middleton & Prince William !


The Pic Says It All And Huge Changes !!


Yeeees !! We’re back…man, it feels like a year ! First off, we didnt post anything lately cuz, we had a little issues and personal stuff 🙂 Hope, you guys missed us !! 🙂

Big news people !! Alright, first off we will be doing an official trailer for the site approxmetly 6 minutes long with a special guest in it sooo plz sssshhhh *I KNOW IT SUCKS AWWW..* :p , and inshalla it will be released by the end of this year, but we will inform you !!

Next, we would like to welcome a new MEMBER & WRITER FOR OUR TEAM !! , we will not annouce the name until its official, and we hope that person and amazing oppertunity with us at TFQ8, and enjoys every moment !!

Last but not least guys, WE ALL WOULD LIKE YOU A BEST EID AL A’9HA !! AND A GREAT TIME !!

Is Da Dude (Kadafi) Dead ?!

I just saw this on the news, that Kadafi is dead, but they arent exactly sure. They say that he might have died in a operation in his leg or something, some say it was an assisnation attempt some say he might have died during the operation.


Our question is…”Is da dude died ?”